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The term “alimony” refers to any kind of financial support that a former spouse gives the other. In South Carolina, that could look different:

  • Lump Sum: If a court decides that one spouse owes the other a certain sum, a lump sum payment is when that spouse takes care of the support obligation with a single check.
  • Periodic Sum: In this situation, a court could decide that one spouse pays a set amount each month until a certain time, such as the other spouse’s death or remarriage.
  • Reimbursement: If one spouse worked for several years to help pay for the other’s education expenses, the court may order the spouse to reimburse the working spouse for “the opportunity cost.” A common instance of reimbursement alimony is when a wife supports a husband while he is in school.
  • Rehabilitation: This kind of alimony involves paying for a disadvantaged spouse’s education or vocational training.
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Whether it is short-term or a permanent arrangement, alimony is determined on numerous issues, including the following:

  • The length of a marriage
  • Physical and emotional condition of each spouse
  • Education of each spouse
  • Employment history of each spouse
  • Standard of living of each spouse
  • Anticipated earnings and expenses
  • Which spouse has child custody
  • Any misconduct by either spouse during marriage
Kimberly Dunham Family Law Attorney

If you are considering or undergoing divorce, trying to negotiate alimony with a former spouse can make matters even more difficult. Our team is dedicated to fight for the best financial situation for you after divorce.


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